One Bad Turn by Sinéad Crowley. Read July 2017.

The third in the Claire Boyle series and the best yet.

“How could your good friend become your worst enemy?

Being held hostage at gunpoint by her childhood friend is not Dr Heather Gilmore’s idea of a good day at work. It only gets worse when she hears that her nineteen-year-old daughter Leah has been kidnapped.

Sergeant Claire Boyle wasn’t expecting to get caught up in a hostage situation during a doctor’s appointment. When it becomes apparent that the kidnapping is somehow linked to the hostage-taker, a woman called Eileen Delaney, she is put in charge of finding the missing girl.

What happened between Eileen and Heather to make Eileen so determined to ruin her old friend? Claire Boyle must dig up the secrets from their pasts to find out – and quickly, because Leah is still missing, and time is running out to save her.”

This story gripped me right from the start. I was looking forward to catching up with Claire Boyle and the other recurring characters in this series, but I didn’t expect to be dropped into the middle of such a nail-biting, life threatening situation. Alongside this the author skilfully weaves the back story of Heather and Eileen until a sense of foreboding builds up and leads to a shocking conclusion.

The character development, especially Claire’s family situation, is as enthralling as the main plot – this is not your average police procedural. I would recommend reading the previous two books in the series, Can Anybody Help Me? and Are You Watching Me?, before this book, though it could definitely be read as a standalone.

Highly recommended for crime thriller fans looking for a fast-paced read.

My copy was a competition prize from @ShazsBookBlog – thanks, Sharon.