The Trophy Child by Paula Daly

Another great read from one of my favourite domestic noir authors.

“Can you push your child too far? Paula Daly’s latest gripping domestic thriller explores how far a tiger mother would go to achieve perfection, and the damage this can cause to a family.”

If you’re a fan of twisty plots and dark stories with realistic characters this is the book for you.

Once again the author has created a scenario where the most frightening aspect is the everyday setting. The writing style draws you in until it feels like you’re a part of the family – and what a family. Mum is obsessed with pushing her youngest child into excelling at every activity. She doesn’t realise she’s pushing her to breaking point until it’s too late.

The dynamics of the family are fascinating and distracted me from the mystery that brought back a recurring character from earlier books. The one thing that slightly spoilt things for me was how this character acted (trying hard to avoid spoilers here!) but who am I to judge?

Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a well written, thought provoking psychological thriller.

Thank you to the publisher for the proof copy to review.


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