Fade To Dead by Tara Moore. Read June 2016.

A cleverly plotted crime thriller that will keep you guessing throughout.

“When a serial killer, The Director, starts snatching young women off the street to ‘act’ in his movies, DI Jessica Wideacre is tasked with apprehending him. It’s her first major case and the opportunity to prove she’s not just the token woman, promoted to satisfy the PC brigade.”

I enjoyed the author’s style of writing – fast paced and with regular sprinklings of dark humour. The main character, Jessica, is very strong and well developed so, as a crime fiction series addict, I was pleased to learn that this is to become a series. She is so dominant though that the some of the other characters around her came across as one-dimensional, and Jessica’s back story and family situation dominated some parts of the book to the detriment of the plot. I enjoy getting to know the main characters in a series but there has to be a balance between the investigators’ private lives and the crime/mystery we’re all there for.

Moving on to the investigation, I had to suspend disbelief at times or I would have been muttering “wouldn’t happen” constantly. Real sticklers for correct police procedure might find that this would spoil their enjoyment of the book. Also, I felt that the victims could have been dealt with more sensitively.

Reading back the last two paragraphs they sound far more negative than I meant to be. I did enjoy the read and the author’s style more than made up for any criticisms I have made so I’d recommend other crime fans should give it a try.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy e-book via Netgalley.


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