Captcha Thief by Rosie Claverton. Read February 2016.

As with the previous books in the Amy Lane series, this is a thriller with flashes of dark humour and a refreshingly original plot.

“Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane is recovering from her last case when her ex-con assistant Jason Carr finds a new crime to solve…Nothing in this case is what it seems and Amy’s investigation takes her and Jason down a dangerous path – playing games with a murderer.”

First thing first: could this be read as a standalone? Personally I think you’d be missing out big time if you hadn’t followed Amy and Jason’s stories from the start with Binary Witness and Code Runner. But yes, this book’s plot is strong enough to stand on its own.

Amy and Jason form one of my favourite fictional crime fighting partnerships. At first glance they seem totally mismatched but their relationship, with its will they / won’t they aspect, has kept me hooked from the first time I “met” them.

What I noticed when reading Captcha Thief was that the supporting characters have been developed more than in the previous books. This provides a satisfying read for fans of crime series who look forward to following all the characters’ stories, not just the main characters or even the plot.

The crime that’s central to this book is intriguing and the clever plotting had me tying myself in knots trying to figure out what was going on.

Highly recommended for crime thriller fans who enjoy trying to solve puzzles along with the crime fighters.

Thank you to the author for the advance copy e-book to review.



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