What’s in a name?

Or should that be what’s in a proper noun?

A little background: Eight weeks ago our gorgeous grandson Oliver was born. My dilemma? What will he call me?

I wanted to be Nanna. I called my mother’s mother Nanna and my daughter calls my mum Nanna. However, my mum doesn’t like the idea of Great-Nanna and two nannas would be confusing.

Ollie’s other grandmother is Grandma so even if I liked it there’d be confusion again. And living in Blackburn, Lancashire Grandma is pronounced Granmer (yuck).

My daughter and I came up with Nanma which we thought we’d invented until I saw the picture of a mug online.

So here’s what I’ve decided. Ollie’s not bothered whether I’m Nanna, Grandma (Granmer) or Nanma as long as I bring him a bottle/nappy change/cuddle when he wants one when I babysit. I’ll answer to pretty much anything until he decides what to call me when he’s older.

Any funny or original grandmother names to add to my list for him to choose from?



5 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Congratulations on the grandson! My maternal grandma is lovingly known as ‘banma’ after her first granddaughter was unable to pronounce grandma. She now has over 30 grand and great grand children who all call her that! She likes it, because although we live in Australia, we come from a family with thick Yorkshire accents, so of course the alternative was gram-ma. Enjoy all the baby cuddles, before you know it he will be talking!

  2. Hi Tracey! I think you already suspect that people don’t get to decide what their grandchildren call them! My Mum chose ‘Grandma’ because she hated ‘Nan’, which we called her mother. But when my then 13-month old son had a minor fall, she said, ‘Oh dear dear!’ She has been Dear Dear ever since – and he’s 21 now!
    I came across your blog when looking for lovers of psychological thrillers, and will be following with interest.

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