Too Soon A Death by Janet O’Kane. Read December 2015.

This sequel to No Stranger To Death brings the welcome return of Dr Zoe Moreland in a twisty-turny tale that hooked me from the start.

“It’s the hottest summer ever in the Scottish Borders, and Doctor Zoe Moreland is asked to help identify a teenager found dead on the banks of the River Tweed…Is the boy’s death connected with the mysterious phone calls and regular sightings of an unknown vehicle that lead Zoe to fear she’s being stalked? She’d like to confide in her friend, deaf genealogist Kate Mackenzie…but neither of them realises that delving into the past on behalf of a client will endanger Kate in ways even Zoe has never had to face.”

As a huge fan of crime series, Book 2 in a series always has a lot to prove to me. Will I care as much about the main characters? Will the plot be as gripping as the series opener? And of course, is there scope for more books in the series?

Too Soon A Death scores full marks on all these questions. Within the first few pages I’d been whisked back to the small Borders village of Westerlea and felt as though I’d never left.

The recurring characters were developed in intriguing directions, with just enough of their personal stories included without overshadowing the main plot. The writing has a conversational style – I can imagine these books doing well as audiobooks or radio adaptations.

An enjoyable and satisfying read that could be read as a standalone (but I always recommend reading series in order to get the full benefit). I’m already hoping there’s a Book 3 in the pipeline.

My copy was purchased from Amazon Kindle Store.


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