Dead In Deep Water by Dave Sivers. Read October 2015.

Another gripping, well-plotted whodunnit featuring Archer and Baines, my latest favourite crime fighting team.

“When a teenage Olympic swimming hopeful is found drowned in a water-filled disused looks as if fears that the local swimming hole was an accident waiting to happen have been fulfilled in the worst possible way. A few days later, a small-time thief turns up on an allotments site a few miles away, his head bashed in with a spade…As Detective Inspector Lizzie Archer and Detective Sergeant Dan Baines investigate, they realise that neither case quite adds up. The truth, and the motive behind each death, is much darker than they could have imagined.”

This second instalment in the Archer & Baines series builds on the strong character development in the first book, The Scars Beneath The Soul. I enjoyed the intriguing crime story but, as with all my favourite crime series, what I enjoyed most was finding out more about the personal lives of the main characters. For me, Dan Baines has already become one of the most interesting protagonists I have come across. His tragic and heartbreaking back story will have me waiting for Book 3 impatiently.

Highly recommended for fans of intelligent and satisfying crime fiction, but please read Book 1 first or you’ll miss out on important background to the characters. Also, for those who like to judge a book by its cover, this one is a real beauty!

Thank you again to the author for donating the signed paperbacks I purchased via the Authors For Nepal appeal.


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