Only The Brave by Mel Sherratt. Read April 2015.

A tense and gripping third instalment in the DS Allie Shenton series.

“When one of the notorious Johnson brothers is murdered and a bag of money goes missing, a deadly game of cat and mouse is set in motion.

DS Allie Shenton and her team are called in to catch the killer, but…as she delves deeper into the case, things take a personal turn when Allie realises she is being stalked by the very same person who attacked her sister seventeen years ago and left her for dead.”

This has quickly become one of my favourite crime series, and Mel Sherratt one of my favourite authors. A fabulous story with real down to earth characters is guaranteed with each of her books.

Only The Brave is set over 48 hours with the chapter headings tracking the time. I enjoyed this format and it gave a sense of what the police are up against in the first hours investigating a case.

Allie’s personal life came into focus throughout the book and especially towards the end, reminding me how well the author engages readers. I admit I shed a tear or two along the way.

Highly recommended for fans of gritty crime fiction, but I urge you to read the previous books in the series (Taunting The Dead & Follow The Leader) or you’ll be missing out – a lot of characters recur in Only The Brave.
Thank you to the author for the advance copy e-book.


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