A Killing Of Angels by Kate Rhodes. Read April 2015.

Book 2 in the Alice Quentin series.
At the height of a summer heatwave, a killer stalks the City of London.
The avenging angel leaves behind a scattering of feathers with each body…Psychologist Alice Quentin…finds herself deep in the toxic heart of the Square Mile – a place where money means more than life, and no one can be counted innocent.”

Having enjoyed Crossbones Yard I was eagerly looking forward to book 2 in the series and it didn’t disappoint. Alice has already become one of my favourite crime series characters and her professional and personal intrigues are as interesting as the crime investigations she’s involved with. She really is a breath of fresh air amid the crowds of damaged detectives that populate much of the crime fiction world.

There are some brutal murders in this book and  the descriptions are memorable. The prologue especially conjured an image that will stay with me for some time.

As often happens I’m finding it hard to go into any further detail without slipping into spoiler territory so I’ll leave it there.

Highly recommended for crime fiction fans who enjoy someone other than the police as their main characters.
My copy was borrowed from Blackburn with Darwen libraries. 



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