No Stranger To Death by Janet O’Kane. Read February 2015.

I expected this book to be a Scottish Borders version of Midsomer Murders but I quickly realised it was to be a far darker and more gripping experience.

“A Scottish village. A burning corpse. And a doctor who must discover who’s killing her patients before she becomes the next victim.”

There are several intricate plot strands running through the story and the author skilfully knits them into a credible and shocking tale. The main character is an intriguing figure – we are drip fed clues to her background that explain the defensive barriers she has built up around herself. I enjoyed the way she stood up for herself in spite of her doubts and insecurities and this meant I was rooting for her 100% throughout the book.

Most of the plot was tied up satisfactorily by the end of the book but with one of the best cliffhanger endings I’ve read recently the author has me eagerly awaiting the sequel.

I recommend No Stranger To Death to fans of crime fiction with a difference – a main character unconnected to the police – and readers who enjoy trying to solve an intricate puzzle.

My copy was purchased from Amazon Kindle store.


2 thoughts on “No Stranger To Death by Janet O’Kane. Read February 2015.

  1. I was expecting something more cosy as well (given the amateur detective), but it wasn’t like that at all. An enjoyable read – those small communities are full of deadly secrets.

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