First Blog Birthday πŸŽ‰


Just a quick post to mark one year of the blog. My blog was created (originally as TraceyBookLover) on 31 January 2014. It was nearly removed a few weeks later after some destructive criticism but thanks to encouragement from other bloggers I persevered.

I set up the blog as a place for reviews of books I’ve read and a place to keep track of them, alongside Goodreads.

What I didn’t expect, and have thoroughly enjoyed, is the sense of community among book bloggers. I’ve had a lovely year picking up recommendations and comparing notes – not always agreeing but always being entertained and engaged. I can sincerely recommend blogging as a fulfilling hobby.

In the coming year there will be less activity on the blog as I aim to clear my (96 book) TBR pile. I’ll only be posting reviews for ARCs and authors’ most recent books.

Coincidentally the blog clicked past 8,000 views today. Thank you to everyone who’s visited and I’m looking forward to lots more blogging in future.



12 thoughts on “First Blog Birthday πŸŽ‰

  1. Congratulations – and I feel like I’ve always known you… It is really heart-warming to see how we can debate books we’ve liked or not liked as much, without conflict, without nasty name-calling, just accepting our differences and listening to different reasons and interpretations. Keep up the good reading and reviewing, look forward to many more years of ‘chatting’ with you!

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