Have They Got You Covered? – Crime Fiction Map of the UK

Just for fun I thought I’d create a crime fiction map (yes, I know I’m odd),
I made a start by plotting the towns & cities where some of my favourite fictional crime fighters work (only those based in, or with strong links to, real locations) and I’m hoping some of my book loving friends will help me to add more. This is a work in progress so please feel free to comment or tweet with your suggestions. With thanks to those who’ve made suggestions: @PaulaHWrites @LeighRussell @crimeworm1 @cleo_bannister @John_BHarvey @CathStaincliffe @OnceALibrarian @bookaddictshaun …becoming too numerous to mention.


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In roughly north to south order:

1 – SHETLAND: Jimmy Perez (Ann Cleeves)

2 – LEWIS: Finn MacLeod (Peter May)

3 – INVERNESS: DS Joe Galbraith (Helen Forbes)

4 – ABERDEEN: Logan MacRae (Stuart McBride)

5 – ARBROATH: DI Donna Davenport (Jackie McLean)

6 – DUNDEE: DI Shona McKenzie (Wendy H Jones); DS Bill Murphy & DC Louise Walker (Chris Longmuir); DS Tom Guthrie (Allan L Mann)

7 – EDINBURGH: Rebus (Ian Rankin); Louise Monroe (Kate Atkinson); DI Tony McLean (James Oswald)

8 – GLASGOW: Alex Morrow (Denise Mina); Anderson & Costello (Caro Ramsay); Lou Perlman (Campbell Armstrong)

9 – KELSO: Zoe Moreland (Janet O’Kane)

10 – GALLOWAY: Marjory Fleming (Aline Templeton)

11 – NORTHUMBERLAND: Vera Stanhope (Ann Cleeves); Rutherford & Pax (Sam Alexander)

12 – NEWCASTLE: Kate Daniels (Mari Hannah); DS Abigail Foulkes (Alison Gray); Helen Riley (Jaycee Brown)

13 – BELFAST: Sean Duffy (Adrian McKinty)

14 – LAKE DISTRICT: Joanne Aspinall (Paula Daly); Hannah Scarlett (Martin Edwards); Annie Graham (Helen Phifer)

15 – BLACKPOOL: Henry Christie (Nick Oldham)

16 – YORK: Ian Peterson (Leigh Russell)

17 – LEEDS: Alan Banks (Peter Robinson); Kate Shackleton (Frances Brody)

18 – HULL: Aector McAvoy (David Mark); Joe Geraghty (Nick Quantrill); “H” Blackburn / DCI Marlowe (Alfie Robins)

19 – MANCHESTER: Scott & Bailey (Cath Staincliffe); Tom Douglas (Rachel Abbott); Kate Simms (A D Garrett); Marie Donovan (Alex Walters); Molyneux (Stewart Spaull)

20 – LIVERPOOL: Murphy & Rossi (Luca Veste)

21 – STOKE-ON-TRENT: DS Allie Shenton (Mel Sherratt)

22 – NOTTINGHAM: Charlie Resnick (John Harvey); DI Hannah Robbins (Rebecca Bradley)

23 – DERBY: DI Brook (Steven Dunne)

24 – BIRMINGHAM: Bev Morris / King & Quinn (Maureen Carter)

25 – ABERYSTWYTH: Louie Knight (Malcolm Pryce)

26 – NORWICH: Shaw & Valentine (Jim Kelly)

27 – PETERBOROUGH: Zigic & Ferreira (Eva Dolan)

28 – NORTHAMPTON: DCI Helen Lavery (Jane Isaac)

29 – CAMBRIDGE: Jackson Brodie (Kate Atkinson); Gary Goodhew (Alison Bruce)

30 – AYLESBURY VALE: Archer & Baines (Dave Sivers)

31 – OXFORD: Morse (Colin Dexter)

32 – LONDON: Marnie Rome (Sarah Hilary); Geraldine Steel (Leigh Russell); Tom Thorne (Mark Billingham); Lacey Flint (Sharon Bolton); Frieda Klein (Nicci French); Kizska & Kershaw (Anya Lipska); Ellen Kelly (Sheila Bugler); Maeve Kerrigan (Jane Casey); Patrick Lennon (Louise Voss & Mark Edwards); Hakim & Arnold (Barbara Nadel); Hatton & Roumande (D E Meredith); Adam Dalgliesh (P D James); Alice Quentin (Kate Rhodes)

33 – CARDIFF: Amy Lane (Rosie Claverton); Fiona Griffiths (Harry Bingham)

34 – BRISTOL: Jack Caffery (Mo Hayder); Ray Stevens (Clare Mackintosh); DI Harland (Fergus McNeil); Jenny Cooper (M R Hall)

35 – EXMOOR: Jonas Holly (Belinda Bauer)

36 – PORTSMOUTH: Joe Faraday (Graham Hurley)

37 – BRIGHTON: Roy Grace (Peter James); Mirabelle Bevan (Sara Sheridan)

38 – PLYMOUTH: Wycliffe (W J Burley)






47 thoughts on “Have They Got You Covered? – Crime Fiction Map of the UK

  1. For London, you could add Frieda Klein (Nicci French) Now, my speciality Glasgow – well, it has a wealth of authors, I’ll list the better known – William McIlvanney (Laidlaw), Denise Mina (DI Alex Morrow), Caro Ramsay (Anderson and Costello), Alex Gray (DCI Lorimer), Lin Anderson (Rhona MacLeod), Craig Robertson (Tony Winter and DS Rachel Narey), Campbell Armstrong (Lou Perlman – probably my favourite series)…Dundee has Russel D McLean’s AJ McNee; and Aberdeen has Stuart McBride’s DS Logan MacRae. Also, in Lewis you’ve got Peter May’s Finn MacLeod. I’m just doing my bit for Scotland! In Cardiff you also have Harry Bingham’s Fiona Griffiths. In Dublin you’ve got Tana French’s books, but each one is narrated by a different member of the squad. I’m getting carried away here – what a fantastic idea!

  2. Ah yes of course! In Belfast though there’s Adrian McKinty’s Sean Duffy books. Jane Casey’s Maeve Kerrigan books are set in London. And Hull has David Mark’s Aector Mcavoy. Also Nottingham’s got John Harvey’s Charlie Resnick. And Portsmouth has Graham Hurley’s Joe Faraday books, which no one ever mentions but I love…this really appeals to my magpie brain, which remembers the most useless info. A good few of the ones you mentioned are new to me, so that’s more books to check out…what a hardship…!

    • Sorry I’ve gone a bit mad with this – it totally appeals to my nerdish ability to remember information which is utterly useless in everyday life! I just think it’s SUCH a fab idea! Well done you for coming up with it!

  3. I know it’s blowing my own trumpet but can we have Hakim and Arnold( Barbara Nadel) in London please? They work in my home borough of Newham and Mumtaz Hakim is, as far as I know the only fictional female PI of Bangladeshi origin ‘working’ the East End!

    • Yes, this started out as ‘my faves’ but is taing on a life of its own! Need to make it interactive at some point. Thanks for sharing yours, you should update/complete !?

  4. You’ve set yourself quite a task here, haven’t you – I think the updates will continue to come in … constant flow. I’d also add Alison Bruce’s Gary Goodhew in Cambridge (a personal favourite) and Inspector Wycliffe in Plymouth (by W. J. Burley)

    • Thanks, now it’s set up I’m quite enjoying the update requests ๐Ÿ™‚ Think Plymouth has just made the map pins explode though (gone over 26 letter limit) back to the drawing (pin) board!

  5. Fabulous idea – would love if you would like to add DS Abigail Foulkes (Newcastle upon Tyne). My protagonist lives in Newcastle and works there. Though her first case is set in the Aegean, the second is based in the North East of England and worked out of Newcastle.

  6. I love this as I am an avid crime reader. Would love it if you could add Dundee’s newest Detective DI Shona McKenzie. The first book in the series, which is set in Dundee, came out in November 2014. It is written by me, Wendy H. Jones. Chris Longmuir also writes crime books set in Dundee but I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the characters.

    • I’ll certainly add Dundee & DI Shona McKenzie soon. A quick search on Amazon came up with DS Murphy & DC Walker for Chris Longmuir & I’ll add them too. Thanks for contributing.

  7. Tracey – Here are some more for the UK map – for Edinburgh there is DI Tony McLean series (James Oswald), for the Lake District, there is the Annie Graham series (Helen Phifer) and fpr Dundee – Dundee Crime Series (Chris Longmuir) and DI Shona McKenzie (Wendy Jones). If I think of any more I’ll let you know. Thanks for doing this. It is such an interesting idea, Tracey.

      • Alison please could you use Wendy H. Jones. I use my middle initial for my writing name as there are hundreds of Wendy Jones’s on Amazon. I am so excited you are going to add DI Shona McKenzie ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thanks Tracey – have just had an explosion of thoughts so here are a few more: for North Tyneside – DI Jack Brady (Danielle Ramsay) and DI Lorraine Hunt (Sheila Quigley); for Norfolk Dr Ruth Galloway (Elly Griffiths); for Newcastle – Helen Riley (Jaycee Brown); for London – DCI Natalie Kershaw (Anya Lipska), Alice Quentin (Kate Rhodes); for Bristol – DI Harland (Fergus McNeil); for Brighton and London – Mirabelle Bevan mysteries (Sara Sheridan); for Cambridge – Grantchester Mysteries (James Runcie). There is also DCI Helen Lavery (Jane Isaac) and DCI Louisa Smith (Elizabeth Haynes) but I’m not sure on the locations for them.

    • Wow you have been busy! I’ll update with the ones I can find a specific location for. The map can’t cope with North Tyneside or whole of Norfolk, unfortunately. Kershaw already on. Thanks for all suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. How about retired DS Tom Guthrie who lives in Broughty Ferry and works as a “consulting detective” throughout Angus? I just published the short story – WRUNG OUT – to Amazon, prequel to the Tom Guthrie trilogy. I wish I still lived in Brechin and could meet the Angus Writer’s Circle at the Rosely. Perhaps one day Guthrie will have a run in with DI Davenport?
    — Allan L Mann

      • I’ve a friend from Dundee whose parents live in Broughty Ferry and it’s VERY nice, she’s always said. So you might upset some people who live in Broughty Ferry, but we won’t tell. You’re running out of space in Scotland – didn’t know there were fictional detectives in places like Arbroath or Inverness (my mum used to be a policewoman in Inverness. Nice place.) I’m going to have to look into the possibility of featuring some lesser known Tartan Noir on my blog.

  10. Thanks for putting ol’ Tom Guthrie on the map (literally)! I love the fact that Broughty Ferry wouldn’t stand for some of the shenanigans he’s going to get into over the next year!
    — Allan L Mann

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