Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan. Read December 2014.

The follow up to Long Way Home.
“In the second book from a rising star of crime fiction, Detectives Zigic and Ferreira must investigate a hit-and-run that leaves two migrant workers dead and a series of horrific killings, seemingly with a Neo-Nazi motivation, captured on CCTV.”
Anyone who’s read Long Way home will agree that this is the most original and engaging crime fighting duo in, well, ever.
We see much less of Zigic’s home life this time, which underlines that the Hate Crimes team is overworked and under-resourced. Their exhaustion and dedication form the backdrop to the investigation of some truly distressing crimes that the reader can’t help but become emotionally involved with.
I was impressed by the author’s depth of research into a topical political scene and events that echo those we see all too regularly on the TV news.
Two books into this series I hesitate to describe this as an enjoyable read, but it is certainly gripping, gritty and satisfying. Book 3 is already on my “unmissable” list.
Thank you to the author and publisher for the advance reading copy.



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