Falling by Emma Kavanagh. Read October 2014.

A father grieving for his daughter, a daughter who can’t grieve for her father. Just two of the intriguing and heartbreaking strands of this story.
“A plane falls out of the sky. A woman is murdered. Four people all have something to hide”.
From the first few pages I knew that this would be a crime novel with a difference. The plot is expertly constructed and the characters, flawed but sympathetic, engaged me so that I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn’t reading the book.
I raced through the first half of the book but then got a little bogged down for a few chapters when I was confused by what was happening in the present and what was flashbacks. There were also a couple of mix ups of timing / logic that spoilt my enjoyment slightly. (These may have been edited out – I was reading an early netgalley version).
Overall though I found this a cracking read with a truly original plot.
Thank you to the publisher, via Netgalley, for the advance copy e-book



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