The Soul of Discretion by Susan Hill. Read October 2014.

Two crime fiction books have unexpectedly made me cry recently, both in the Simon Serrailler series by Susan Hill, including this one.
“When one day DCS Simon Serrailler is called in by Lafferton’s new Chief Constable… He is asked to take the principal role in a difficult, potentially dangerous undercover operation and must leave town immediately, without telling anyone…Meanwhile, Simon’s sister Cat is facing difficult choices at work, as Lafferton’s hospice closes its bedded units; and at home, as her daughter is presented with a glittering opportunity that they would struggle afford. And all is not well with Simon and Cat’s step-mother, Judith, either. To complete his special op, Simon must inhabit the mind of the worst kind of criminal. This takes its toll on Simon and, as the op unfolds, also on the town and some of its most respected citizens.”
With each book I read in this series I declare it the best yet and this is no exception. As always the writing is wonderful and the story draws the reader in right from the first page.
The importance of reading this series in order is underlined because it would be impossible to appreciate the impact of events on the recurring characters if you hadn’t followed their development through the other books.
I’m finding it quite difficult to describe the plot of The Soul of Discretion without spoilers, and regular readers will know that spoilers are banned from my reviews, so all I will say is that none of the recurring characters will come out of this story unchanged and that readers are guaranteed an emotional roller coaster ride.
While reading this book I was inspired to write a blog post about some of my favourite crime fiction series and how the reading experience is enhanced if the reader is up to date with the latest instalment. The post is here.
Thank you to the publisher, via Netgalley, for the advance copy e-book.



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