Feeding My Series Addiction


My name is Tracey and I’m a Crime Series addict.
I’d like to take you through some of the series I’ve been enjoying for years and some that I’ve discovered recently. It was only when I sat down to write this post that I realised just how many series I’m following. The inspiration for the post was this: I was reading the latest book in one of my favourite series when I realised what it is that keeps me hooked. In the series I stick with, I’m involved as much with the relationships between the characters as I am with the crimes/plots. When I’m up to date with a series and reading the latest instalment, there’s always a chance that the author might have decided to do away with the main character and therefore the series and this adds to the tension and suspense of the book (when playing catch up this Could It Be The End? element is lost as you know there are other books in the set).
So, what was going to be my Top Ten turned into a Top Fifteen, then I remembered a couple I’d missed and a couple on my TBR I’m looking forward to as they’ve been highly recommended. With thanks to fantasticfiction.co.uk for the dates info, here’s the list, in no particular order apart from when I most recently read an instalment. I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

1. Simon Serrailler by Susan Hill
Book 1: The Various Haunts of Men (2004)
Latest (Book 8): The Soul of Discretion (2014)

2. Amy Lane Mysteries by Rosie Claverton
Book 1: Binary Witness (2014)
Latest (Book 2): Code Runner (2014)

3. Alexandra Cooper by Linda Fairstein
Book 1: Final Jeopardy (1996)
Latest (Book 16): Terminal City (2014)

4. Joseph O’Loughlin by Michael Robotham
Book 1: The Suspect (2004)
Latest (Book 7): Watching You (2013)

5. Roy Grace by Peter James
Book 1: Dead Simple (2005)
Latest (Book 10): Want You Dead (2014)

6. Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell
Book 1: Postmortem (1990)
Latest (Book 22): Flesh and Blood (2014)

7. Tom Douglas by Rachel Abbott
Book 1: Only The Innocent (2011)
Latest (Book 3): Sleep Tight (2014)

8. Spilling CID by Sophie Hannah
Book 1: Little Face (2006)
Latest (Book 9): The Telling Error (2014)

9. Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan
Book 1: The Lost (2013)
Latest (Book 2): The Dead Ground (2014)

10. Kiszka & Kershaw by Anya Lipska
Book 1: Where The Devil Can’t Go (2013)
Latest (Book 2): Death Can’t Take A Joke (2014)

11. Lacey Flint by Sharon Bolton
Book 1: Now You See Me (2011)
Latest (Book 4): A Dark And Twisted Tide (2014)

12. Tony Hill / Carol Jordan by Val McDermid
Book 1: The Mermaids Singing (1995)
Latest (Book 8): Cross And Burn (2013)

13. Jack Caffery by Mo Hayder
Book 1: Birdman (1999)
Latest (Book 7): Wolf (2014)

14. Geraldine Steel by Leigh Russell
Book 1: Cut Short (2009)
Latest (Book 6): Fatal Act (2013)

15. Jackson Brodie by Kate Atkinson
Book 1: Case Histories (2004)
Latest (Book 4): Started Early, Took My Dog (2010)

16. Marnie Rome by Sarah Hilary
Book 1: Someone Else’s Skin (2014)
(Book 2 not yet released but series has huge potential)

17. Lincoln Rhyme by Jeffery Deaver
Book 1: The Bone Collector (1997)
Latest (Book 11): The Skin Collector (2014)

18. Tom Thorne by Mark Billingham
Book 1: Sleepy Head (2001)
Latest (Book 10): The Bones Beneath (2014)

I’m up to date with nearly all the above series, and I’m about to juggle my TBR list to make sure I catch up with the others and with these that I’ve had waiting on my Kindle for ages but haven’t been able to get to yet:

19. Kate Daniels by Mari Hannah

20. The Estate by Mel Sherratt


8 thoughts on “Feeding My Series Addiction

      • I understand… I really like the Mari Hannah series that I understand you haven’t embarked upon yet. Also, slightly older series but ones I always come back to are: Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache, Fred Vargas’ Adamsberg, John Harvey’s Charlie Resnick and Michael Dibdin’s Zen. Gosh, so many, you’ve got me started now…

  1. Hi, Tracey! My name is Elena and I’m a series addict as well, my addiction also goes into TV and I am famous for “needing an autopsy”, meaning I needed to watch 5 episodes of Bones in a row. However, I’m also a literary series addict, I am currently reading Scarpetta #6 and I think the Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson are a masterpiece. Have I also mentioned I want to be friends with Jenny Copper by M.R. Hall? Nice to meet you, fellow addict 🙂

    • Thanks for the great comment, it’s good to know we’re not alone!
      My TV series addictions are Criminal Minds & Revenge.

      • Mine are Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, The Closer, Grey’s Anatomy and I’m currently watching Mad Men. So blood, police and more blood (except for Mad Men, at which I’m perplexed to enjoy!).

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