The Betrayal Of Trust by Susan Hill. Read September 2014.

I don’t expect a crime book to make me cry, but cry I did.
“Heavy rain falls on Lafferton, flooding the cathedral town and causing a land slip out on the moors. As the rain water slowly drains away, a shallow grave – and a skeleton – are revealed.”
This is the sixth book in the Serrailler series and as usual the crime takes a back seat while we concentrate on the interaction between characters and the exploration of themes, in this case euthanasia, dementia care and funding cuts.
The cliche ‘I couldn’t put it down’ definitely applies to this book. There are some very moving scenes and the tone is quite depressing throughout but it kept my attention and the author made me care what happened to even the minor characters.
Highly recommended but I think you need to have read the previous books in the series in order to understand the recurring characters and the relationships between them.



8 thoughts on “The Betrayal Of Trust by Susan Hill. Read September 2014.

    • It is such a good series, very different from others I’ve read because you get so involved with the characters the crime becomes secondary.

  1. I read the previous one on the Serrallier series and I felt so lost that I thought I should read the series in order and then come back to the book I actually read. Your review just confirms it. And I can see why the book made you cry, the previous one is quite emotional as well…

    • This is one series that I really recommend reading in order. The character development through the series is wonderful.

      • Thank you – but now I have the latest I’m in a bit of a quandary. That’s what happens when you don’t think things through! I have a book sale next week so maybe I’ll pick up some of the older ones there….

      • Hmm, now I’m thinking it would be interesting if you read the latest – you could report whether you think you missed out!?

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