Night Watch by Linda Fairstein. Read August 2014.

The first of Linda Fairstein’s Alexandra Cooper books I’ve read for a while – so why did everything seem so familiar?
“…another taut, fascinating foray into the dark side of New York City, this time centred around the city’s most glamorous and storied restaurants. With the help of NYPD’s Mike Chapman, Alex is set to uncover the shocking secrets that have lurked just beneath the surface of the bustling metropolis for centuries – only to come screaming to light in the present day.”
If this had been the first of the series I’d read I probably would have thought it a great story but as I’ve already said I found it familiar and predictable. These novels are always well written and have a great cast of characters but perhaps the Cooper/Chapman/Mercer team need some new life breathed into them.
I did enjoy the opening chapters that were set in France but once the action moved to New York the story became formulaic and, I reluctantly have to say, a little boring.



2 thoughts on “Night Watch by Linda Fairstein. Read August 2014.

  1. I used to love Linda Fairstein but she really went off the boil for me when she retired to write full time. And I got sick of the Alexandra/Mike flirty banter – same every book. So I’ve taken a break from her for now.

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