Say You’re Sorry by Michael Robotham. Read August 2014.

Another fabulous psychological thriller from Michael Robotham.
“Two young girls. Both taken. Dead? Or alive? A nation captivated soon becomes a cold case long forgotten. But a bizarre murder forces the police to reopen their investigation into the disappearance of Piper Hadley and Tash McBain.”
Once again I’ve emerged from one of the Joseph O’Loughlin series of novels feeling as if I’ve been part of the investigation and responsible for the well being of at least half of the characters. The author’s skill is in making you care so much about what happens that you feel guilty if you stop reading before the case is solved. I worked out who the bad guy was a fair way before the end but still couldn’t relax, there were so many twists, turns and surprises still in store.
If you haven’t discovered this series yet I urge you to give it a try (starting with The Suspect) although I note that the publisher has yet to take up my suggestion of supplying a voucher for trauma counselling with each copy!
Maybe I’ll go and read some romantic comedies for a while until the stress of Say You’re Sorry wears off (I won’t).



9 thoughts on “Say You’re Sorry by Michael Robotham. Read August 2014.

  1. Read one of his a year or so ago (The Suspect), really enjoyed it, then got another, The Night Ferry, and have had it in one of my dusty TBR piles ever since. Can’t recall offhand if they are part of that series, although the name’s familiar. You’ve just reminded me why I should dig it out. He’s really built up a big fan base – each new novel’s straight into the charts, maybe not Top Ten yet, but I doubt it’ll be long.

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