This Is The Water by Yannick Murphy. Read July 2014.

This is one of the most original and remarkable books I can remember.
“In this stunning, compulsively readable psychological drama, a killer swims in a public pool unnoticed by his future victims. A woman learns a terrible secret too dangerous to keep. And a mother prepares to do anything to keep her children safe.”
I have taken a while trying to find a way to review a book that drew me in and made me a part of it. For the first few chapters I couldn’t get used to the style the author used whereby most of the sentences begin ‘This is…’ like a child’s early reader books. Then without realising it that became normal and carried the story along. The cleverest part of this is how the author made me become Annie and feel her thoughts and experiences.
I would recommend this book to psychological thriller fans who like to immerse themselves (sorry) in a great read.
Thank you to the publisher for the advance copy for review.



3 thoughts on “This Is The Water by Yannick Murphy. Read July 2014.

  1. Very cleverly done as it took me a while to realise how well it was working. Enjoyed reading such an unusual book.

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