The One You Fear by Paul Pilkington. Read July 2014.

This is the sequel to ‘The One You Love’ and continues the story of Emma Holden and her friends and family, in the aftermath of the events of the previous book.
“Emma Holden and her friends are trying to move on from the horrific events surrounding Dan’s kidnap, when a shocking revelation drags them back into the nightmare and forces them to question everything they once believed to be true. More secrets will be revealed, more lies will be told, and more lives under threat.”
I was disappointed by this book as I thought it read like an extended epilogue to The One You Love. Few new characters were introduced and the plot was simply a continuation of the previous book. We learn more about what makes Emma tick but otherwise the characters are again one dimensional and their behaviour is frankly stupid.
Having said all that I did find some positives. The style of writing is easy to read and along with the very short length of the book this makes it a quick and easy read. The author makes us care about what happens to Emma, making her a character that many readers will enjoy following.
I have high hopes for The One You Trust, to be published soon and complete the trilogy.



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