No Time For Goodbye Readalong *SPOILERS*


I used this post to join in with the Readalong organised by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. More details here
So there will be comments about major plot twists.

Chapters 1 – 10
I haven’t read the book before but the Readalong is perfectly timed for me as I have the sequel to read and review.
I raced through these early chapters and found it quite hard not to read on to find out what happens next.
The book opens with events from when Cynthia was 14 year old and her father, mother and brother disappeared. 25 years on Cynthia still had no idea what happened to her family.
The author makes you care about Cynthia’s situation and builds an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue. I’m looking forward to seeing what other readalong-ers think so far, but for me this looks like being a very enjoyable read.

Chapters 11 – 20
There wasn’t as much going on as in the opening chapters but I started to get a feeling like we should be suspecting Cynthia of making up some of the stuff that’s been happening. Then with what happened to Aunt Tess things became a whole lot more serious!
I don’t understand the short in-between chapters with some mysterious characters arguing with each other. I’m finding it even harder to stop after the week’s chapters knowing that it’s a whole week before I’ll (maybe) get any answers!

Chapters 21 – 30
So things are really moving now – who typed the note about where the car could be found? Who killed the private detective? And of course, at the end of this section, has Cynthia simply left with Grace or has something more sinister happened, related to her family’s disappearance?
The voices in the ‘in-between’ chapters are starting to make a bit more sense but I’m still not sure what’s going on. The author’s skill is in keeping me intrigued but letting me know just enough so I don’t get sick of the suspense.

Chapters 31 to 40
These chapters were quite action packed compared to the rest of the book so far. Terry awoke to find Cynthia had left and taken Grace with her, but at least she left a note saying that’s what she had done.
Terry decided to track down Vince which could have turned out to be a big mistake, but by the end if these chapters they had teamed up to find Clayton Bigge’s other family.

Chapters 41 to 50
The final chapters and everything becomes clear at last. Once Terry tracked Clayton down in hospital we got the whole story about what happened 25 years ago. Cynthia and Grace were out of the picture for most of this part so it was left to Terry to tie up the loose ends and come to their rescue in a dramatic finale.
I’ve enjoyed the Readalong – massive thanks to Vicky for organising it. This is the first time I’ve successfully had 2 books on the go at once, reading a section of NTFG on Saturdays whilst carrying on my assault on the TBR pile the rest of the week. I hope there’s another Readalong soon, meanwhile I’m looking forward to reading No Safe Place soon.



8 thoughts on “No Time For Goodbye Readalong *SPOILERS*

  1. Oh, you already posted the next one – I was just about to ask you if you were ready for part 2. 🙂 Yes, I don’t understand the in between chapters either, even though I’ve read the book a year or two ago. Cynthia is acting really suspiciously and it does make you question whether she’s sane or not.

    Really looking forward to reading the next bit tomorrow night! (And thanks so much for joining in!)

  2. Oh that other voice is just so puzzling. I’ve just remembered who it is though!
    And yes Cynthia looks to be implicated but my basic instinct says trust her. Maybe just because her husband does, more or less and I trust him. There is enough doubt though to make it intriguing. My main concern is whether she is suppressing some traumatic memories that her concious mind can’t deal with.
    And what happened Tess rachets up the tension.

  3. Looking forward to reading the next 10 chapters tomorrow (trying to block the spoiler comment that Vicky’s now deleted, from my mind). We’ll have to find a book that’s on both our TBRs & read it as a readalong after this!

  4. I love that we are now at 60% and the suspense is still holding up. Cynthia’s dad is looking more dodgy everyday though. And it’s hard not to cast a slightly suspicious eye on Cynthia herself. I love that it’s getting a bit darker and scarier with the body count rising!

  5. I agree with Trish, I love the fact that we only have 10 chapters to go and it’s still full of suspense! I’m really looking forward to reading the last bit because there are still quite a few details left which I can’t remember. (And don’t forget, there will be a giveaway at the end of next week’s post where you can win a copy of the sequel! :)) x

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