Surrogate by Tim Adler. Read July 2014.

A fast paced thriller with some clever plot twists.
“How much is your child worth? That’s the question Hugo and Emily Cox must answer when they get a ransom demand for their child – from Alice, the surrogate mother they paid to carry their baby”
Surrogate starts out like one of Michael Ridpath’s financial industry thrillers, set in the high-end insurance world. Then it takes a different path, concentrating on Hugo and Emily’s longing to have a child and the struggles they go through on the way. Any further description of the story would involve spoilers so I’ll stop there, other than to say there are so many plot twists that I lost count.
The writing style is fast paced and action packed, making it easy to keep on reading even when you should probably be doing something else. The author uses hints and clues in the early chapters that add to the suspense and hook the reader in.
I hadn’t read any of Tim Adler’s books before taking part in the blog tour but I’ll now be checking out the backlist.
This is a great read for any suspense/thriller fans but could also be enjoyed by readers who wouldn’t usually choose a thriller. It wouldn’t be out of place on the ‘If you loved Gone Girl try this’ list.
Thank you to the author for the review copy e-book.



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