Bookshop Crawl

Independent Booksellers Week (28th June to 5th July 2014) celebrates independent bookselling. The idea of the Bookshop Crawl is to increase footfall into bookshops and highlight the importance of independent buying.

My philosophy for the Bookshop Crawl has to be “It’s the taking part that matters”. My self-imposed limit of a 10 mile radius (mainly due to the constraint of petrol costs) meant that there were only two shops on my radar. There are no independent bookshops at all in the town where I live. The two nearest are both just under 10 miles away, one to the east and one to the west. I haven’t visited either of them before. I hold my hand up and admit that this is because I am lazy.

The first shop I visited was Pam’s Bookend in Great Harwood. Their website is here.

I bought a copy of ‘Too Close To Home’ by Linwood Barclay, from the great value ‘£3 Shelf’. I also collected my bookshop crawl sticker & bookmark and was over the moon to get my hands on a BAMB bag at last (thank you!).


The second shop was Ebb & Flo Bookshop in Chorley. Their website is here.

I bought ‘Rubbernecker’ by Belinda Bauer from the Crime & Thriller shelf and collected my sticker & a bookmark.

My thoughts on the event
I’ve used the absence of independent bookshops in my town as an excuse to buy online, read e-books or use my local library. Although I’ll still do all three of these, today’s experience has given me two more options, both of which I enjoyed and will use in future.


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