Dark Winter by David Mark. Read June 2014.

This book grabbed me by the collar, demanded my full attention and I don’t think it will loosen its hold on me for some time.
“When three seemingly unconnected people are brutally murdered in the weeks before Christmas, the police must work quickly to stop more deaths. It is only McAvoy who can see the connection between the victims. A killer is playing God – and McAvoy must find a way to stop the deadly game.”
The cover (and my own research) told me that this was the author’s debut novel but this was hard to believe for a couple of reasons. First of all the writing was wonderful with a rich use of language and a flowing readability. The second reason I found quite annoying – there were a lot of references to DS Aector McAvoy’s back story – so much so that I almost became convinced that I had missed a book in a series. However that is my only complaint about Dark Winter. The plot was brilliant and some of the action was quite horrific but contributed to a fast paced thriller. McAvoy is a fascinating main character and I’m looking forward to the next instalment in his story (Original Skin) very soon.
Highly recommended.



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