Want You Dead by Peter James. Read May 2014.

“If he can’t have her then no-on can. Virtual romance becomes terrifying obsession in Want You Dead”.
I’ve read so many great books already this year that it would be hard to pick a top ten, but Want You Dead is a new entry straight in the top three.
This is the tenth book in the Roy Grace series which shows no signs of becoming stale. Against a backdrop of a story of unrelenting obsession we also catch up with the recurring characters in the series and their fascinating lives.
The villain is a truly evil creation whose warped view of the world motivates him to carry out a series of disturbing crimes.
Roy Grace and his team race against time to solve a case that will affect them all forever. There are momentous events too in Grace’s personal life – no details as I never include spoilers in my reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and refused to put it down, reading most of it in one day which is highly unusual for me.
Highly recommended. With thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the advance review e-book.



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