The Back Road by Rachel Abbott. Read May 2014.

“One girl is fighting for her life in hospital. One village is struggling to hold tight to its secrets…Only one person knows the whole story…and somebody has to pay.”
This is the second book in the Tom Douglas series and finds Tom between jobs having relocated to the north west to be near his daughter. It isn’t long before Tom’s detection instincts are put to good use as he is drawn into a mystery surrounding a hit and run accident. The author gathers together a cast of characters, suspects and settings like a modern day Agatha Christie mystery.
I enjoyed the intricate weaving of plots with a level of detail and background research that underpinned an interesting story. The locations also grabbed my interest as I grew up in the south Manchester area and there was even a scene in the John Lewis store where I spent many happy hours in years gone by.
Rachel Abbott is now on my list of authors who guarantee an absorbing and satisfying read and I’m looking forward to the next instalment, Sleep Tight, in the very near future.



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