The Telling Error by Sophie Hannah. Read April 2014.

“Think you want to know the secret? Think again…”
This is the ninth book in the Spilling CID (or Culver Valley Crime) series and the most enjoyable yet. As usual the author sets a baffling puzzle for the reader, and a rich cast of characters plays out an absorbing plot giving an entertaining and satisfying read.
The motivation and actions of some of the characters in this book are fascinating and at times frustrating but I know that if I find myself shouting ‘why would you DO that?’ while reading then I’m in the grip of a very good novel.
Sophie Hannah’s writing style draws you in so that you are as desperate as the detectives themselves to work out exactly what has happened and why. However I have to admit that I have yet to fully solve one of these cases before the final reveal by DC Simon Waterhouse.
Once again we get a glimpse into the lives of the police team which keeps us interested in the recurring characters in the series and ensures that we’ll be looking forward eagerly to the next instalment.
With thanks to the publisher for the advance copy e-book via Netgalley.



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