Death Can’t Take A Joke by Anya Lipska. Read March 2014.

“The second Kiszka and Kershaw crime thriller.
When masked men brutally stab one of his closest friends to death, Janusz Kiszka – fixer to East London’s Poles – must dig deep into London’s criminal underbelly to track down the killers and deliver justice.”
I was just going to write ‘This is a fabulous crime novel, you have to read it’, but although I like to keep my reviews short, I think that’s too short even for me.
Despite the title there is some great humour in this book – I’ve read several crime thrillers recently that have made me gasp with the tension built up, but I can’t recall another that has also had me laughing out loud at regular intervals.
The complex plot gripped me and I really didn’t want to put the book down until I’d finished it. If anyone tells me they sussed out what was going on before the reveal I simply won’t believe them.
Anya Lipska’s writing style is addictive; I love the Kiszka and Kershaw unofficial ‘partnership’ and hope it will continue for many more books.
Thank you to netgalley / Harper Collins for the advance review copy e-book.
Highly Recommended.



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