The Shadows in the Street by Susan Hill. Read March 2014.

“The fifth in the series of bestsellers featuring Simon Serrailler, The Shadows in the Street is…another gripping and psychologically acute story set in the darker side of a cathedral town”.
I glanced at a few reviews before I started reading and one that stood out simply said in its introduction ‘Nothing happens’. Well I beg to differ, there is plenty going on in this book. Characters old and new are developed into people you care about, not only while reading the book but afterwards; social issues are tackled in an intelligent an non-judgmental way; a sympathetic portrayal of mental illness from the perspective of a carer; it is so much more than a crime story.
If you want an action thriller or a formulaic police procedural these books probably aren’t for you. In fact the detection of the crimes almost goes on in the background. However if you like a cracking read with characters that stay with you long after you’ve finished, then give the Serrailler series a try, but read them in order, starting with The Various Haunts of Men, or the back stories will make no sense.
Recommended for anyone who likes their crime fiction with a bit of depth to it.



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