A Dark And Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton. Read March 2014.

“Danger won’t leave Lacey alone…because someone is watching her closely. Someone who knows exactly what makes her tick.”
I have spent the last few days living on a houseboat moored in a creek just off the River Thames. Well it feels as though I have, thanks to this atmospheric and mesmerising novel.
The 4th full length book in the Lacey Flint series, A Dark And Twisted Tide develops all the familiar main characters whilst telling a gripping story that keeps the reader guessing throughout.
The depth of research is impressive and fascinating insights are given into the work of the river police, a herbalist, the dark and disturbing world of people-trafficking, and cultural details that I won’t itemise for fear of spoilers.
Sometimes I wish I had a few sets of these books to give to (some) other crime writers and say “here, read these, this is how it’s done”.
The plot escalates to a thrilling conclusion that left me hungry for more so I’m already looking forward to the next instalment in Lacey’s story and a new book from Sharon Bolton has become one of the highlights of my year.
I’m still fascinated by the idea of people swimming in the Thames for pleasure. Come to think of it, the Leeds-Liverpool canal is at the bottom of my garden, I’m going for a swim. (I’m not).
Highly recommended. A Dark And Twisted Tide released on 8 May 2014
Thank you to Sarah Adams of Transworld publishers for providing the advance review copy.



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