Cross And Burn by Val McDermid. Read February 2014.

“Someone is brutally killing women. Women who bear a striking resemblance to former DCI Carol Jordan. The connection is too strong to ignore and soon psychological profiler Tony Hill finds himself dangerously close to the investigation, just as the killer is closing in on his next target.”
Beautifully and cleverly written, this gasp-out-loud thriller was everything I expected from the latest in the Tony Hill / Carol Jordan series. I read a lot of crime fiction series and by number 8 in the set they have sometimes become stale and predictable. Neither of those adjectives could be applied to Cross And Burn. With just enough reminders of what happened in the previous book, The Retribution, the reader is aware of the physical and emotional scars borne by the main and peripheral characters. This allows us to understand more clearly their motivations and actions in this story.
This is a thrilling and satisfying book that I did not want to put down until I knew that every plot twist and loose end was dealt with. I needn’t have worried as Val McDermid never lets her readers down. I would strongly recommend that any reader new to this series should read the books in chronological order as the complex relationships between characters develop with each story. I hope it’s not too long before we get another instalment. Highly recommended.



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