Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid. Read February 2014.

“It looked like vampire heaven in the images she’d googled. But would it really be so unnerving in reality?…No matter how bloodcurdling it might be, it would be no match for Cat Morland.”
This book is a modern reimagining of Jane Austen’s novel that was published shortly after her death in 1817 (part of It reads like a Young Adult vampire/gothic story and I enjoyed it (wallowed in it!) as such. I became quite nostalgic remembering my enjoyment of many fantasy, mystery and romance novels in my youth and identifying with our young heroine, Cat.
This book showcases the versatility of the author who manages to create an accessible, readable version of Austen’s story while remaining true to the themes of the original. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well written, entertaining story.
Thank you to the publishers, The Borough Press / Harper Collins, for the advance copy.
Northanger Abbey will be released on 27 Mar 2014



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