Just What Kind Of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly. Read February 2014.

“No family is perfect…You forgot you were supposed to be looking after your friend’s daughter…No-one’s seen her since yesterday”.
There’s only one thing I like better than a new book by one of my favourite authors and that’s finding a new favourite author. Now that I’ve read ‘Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?’ Paula Daly has definitely been added to that list.
This book is completely different from any crime fiction I’ve read before – its disturbing main plot is made all the more horrifying by the mundanity of the background action. Families go about their day to day lives in the midst of an unimaginable situation (“We still have to eat…”) and the reader realises that this could be happening to any of us. Take your eye off the numerous plates you’re spinning for a second and your safe family life could come crashing down around you.
This book is fast paced and the plot has lots of twists that keep you guessing. I found it to be a real page turner and I’m already looking forward to the author’s next book and hoping that some of the characters are carried forward.
Highly Recommended.



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