The Burning Girl by Mark Billingham. Read February 2014.

“A man who kills for money…A brutal vendetta…A cop who is playing with fire”
The overriding question in my mind on finishing this book is: How on earth is DI Tom Thorne still in a job? As this is book 4 in the Thorne series and I have another 8+ to catch up I guess I’ll be asking this for some time.
The Burning Girl is set against the background of London gangland warfare dating back over 20 years.There’s some very nasty violence but not so much that I couldn’t read on (as has been the case with some gangland crime novels).
The reader (and no-one else) gets to see through some chinks in Thorne’s hard man armour to the human being inside. Since the TV adaptations I’ve been unable to visualise Thorne as anyone but David Morrissey, but that’s not such a bad thing.
A cracking read with more twists and turns than a corkscrew. Highly Recommended



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