Like This For Ever by Sharon Bolton. Read December 2013.

“I used to think the hardest thing in the world was to watch your child getting older… …until I had to face the possibility that I might never watch him grow up”.
The best book I’ve read this year, and that’s a year when I’ve read “We need to talk about Kevin” by Lionel Shriver and “Shatter” by Michael Robotham (I tagged those as best book and best crime thriller respectively).
The ongoing relationship between reader and the lead character in the series, Lacey Flint, developed intriguingly but the central character of this book is 11 year old Barney. Part way through I wanted to scoop him up and adopt him myself.
This book keeps the reader guessing throughout – I think I was convinced that at least 3 characters were the killer (all wrong). I was also pleased that there wasn’t a single loose end left dangling which can be a frustration with some writers. I’m looking forward to reading Sharon Bolton’s next book (A Dark and Twisted Tide) impatiently and will have to divert myself by catching up on the rest of my To Be Read pile which threatens to overwhelm me.
Highly recommended.



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