Death bed by Leigh Russell. Read January 2014.

“DI Geraldine Steel relocates to London to join the Met and takes on another thrilling murder investigation. Trailing a racist murderer with a prediliction for removing victims’ teeth, Geraldine has little time to investigate her birth mother and with the death toll mounting and no sign of an arrest of the killer the papers are calling ‘The Dentist’, Geraldine must act fast to ensure she doesn’t become the killer’s next victim. From the author of the Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel thrillers comes another enthralling read.”
This is the 4th book in the DI Geraldine Steel series and each one is more enjoyable than the last. I would say you definitely need to read the books in chronological order, otherwise Geraldine’s complex back story would be too confusing.
One slight criticism (for the publisher?). I read the Kindle version and there were breaks in the text in random places that spoilt my enjoyment a little.
Highly recommended.



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